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Low Pressure Melting Furnaces

Aluminum Melting Low Pressure Furnace

Thermtronix low pressure aluminum melting furnace


Extensive field operational data, combined with advanced engineering allows Thermtronix® to create a furnace design specifically for custom low-pressure casting applications.

Modern Advancements in Engineering

Thermtronix®’s team of highly innovative engineers have revolutionized furnace design. Now, high efficiency, solid state electric resistance furnaces can be customized with many specialty applications. Exceptional furnace temperature control, special refractory considerations and other critical design parameters allow a unique approach to furnace design.

Special Design Furnaces

    Customized applications for the AF-Series Special Atmosphere furnaces include:
  • Pressure pouring
  • Low-pressure permanent mold
  • Squeeze cast
  • Semi-solid casting
  • And more…

Available Models

  • AF-Series Special Atmosphere Furnaces

Special Features

  • Exceptional Furnace Temperature Control
  • Special Refractory Considerations
  • Pressure Pouring
  • Low Pressure Permanent Mold
  • Squeeze Cast
  • Semi-Solid Casting