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Porosity Testing Measurement System

Aluminum Melting Porosity Testing System

Thermtronix porosity testing measurement system


Thermtronix® Aluminum Porosity Measurement Systems boast breakthrough technology that provides precise, scientific, repeatable, and verifiable test results every time. All measuring systems including RATS™ Model 401 and the Q-Series units significantly aid in producing quality cast aluminum products. If quality is your goal, then having a Thermtronix® aluminum porosity measurement system on your shop floor is a necessity.

Available Models

RATS Model 401
  • Integral Reduced Atmosphere Testing System (RATS), provides cost effective shop floor degassing and sample testing in a single unit.
  • Model 401 is a compact table top control system used for fast, accurate, repeatable and consistent testing of hydrogen gas levels in molten aluminum. This rugged, foundry proven unit can be placed within a few feet of melting operations for continuous quality level monitoring.
  • RATS™ permits a simple, highly accurate, automatically timed five minute test that can be performed by shop personnel and assures consistent quality levels before the metal is cast.

Quality Features for Consistent/Reliable Testing

  • Brass fittings and filter—eliminates corrosion
  • Fully adjustable brass needle valve with locking set screw—allows precise calibration
  • Spring return brass push button—permits quick release of vacuum chamber
  • Large clear dial vacuum gauge—calibrated for both 0-30” and 0-760 mm HG
  • Mechanical timer
  • Heavy gauge steel enclosure with plated steel carrying handles—protects all internal components
  • Heavy rubber vibration dampening feet—isolates unit from external vibration of surrounding equipment

Superior Vacuum Pump Features

  • True one-third horsepower two-cylinder, two stage
  • Permanent split capacitor motor
  • Oil-less non-lube piston and cylinder with permanently lubricated ball bearings
  • Stainless steel valves
  • Lapped aluminum valve plates
  • Vacuum test chamber with a precision machined base
  • Heavy wall aluminum chamber with a high temperature glass site port for viewing sample

Product Brochure

Download the product brochure in PDF format.

Thermtronix Q-Series Quantitative Aluminum Porosity Measurement System
  • Thermtronix® Q-Series Quantitative Aluminum Porosity Measurement System is a computerized testing device that digitally measures, displays and records, in real time, the precise level of hydrogen porosity in a sample of molten aluminum.
  • This breakthrough technology provides precise, scientific, repeatable, quantitative and verifiable test results. Computerized, digital, measurements are converted to an exact percentage of aluminum porosity. The digital Q-Series Quantitative Aluminum Porosity Measuring System is complete with a certificate of calibration traceable to the U.S. Bureau of Standards.

Innovative Design for Consistent/Reliable Testing

  • Not affected by geographic location or atmospheric conditions
  • Supplied with a 120g, precision machined, serial numbered, aluminum sample for system certification and calibration
  • Uses the absolute pressure scale system
  • Unique stainless steel scale fixture allows for the sample weight to be measured in free air and completely submersed in water without reconfiguration.
  • Micro-processor controlled vacuum chamber
  • Digital test results that can be displayed, printed or transferred
  • Surface mounted USB port with flash drive
  • Hinged protective cover
  • Clear polycarbonate window for easy viewing of touch screen controls
  • Single point slotted latch—provides a tight seal and ease of access to all operator controls

Heavy-Duty Mobile Cart Features

  • 14 gauge steel enclosure
  • 9” pneumatic casters, with wheel brakes—assuring air-cushioned transport on rough floors
  • A lower, secondary shelf with a non-conductive, non-slip surface
  • A 15 amp UL Listed power strip
  • 6 grounded outlets
  • Lockable utility drawer for ancillary supplies

Printer Features

  • Self-contained, bi-directional, serial impact, dot matrix printer
  • Fully enclosed behind a heavy steel door with latch for easy access
  • Operator friendly touch screen controls
  • Self-ejecting, printed receipt for each tested sample

Standard Features

  • Provides Precise, Scientific, Repeatable Results
  • Integral Solid State Vibration Monitoring System
  • Not Affected by Geographic Location or Atmosphere Conditions
  • U.S. Bureau of Standards Certificate of Calibration

Product Brochure

Download the product brochure in PDF format.

Standard Features

  • Provides Precise, Scientific, Repeatable Results