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Thermtronix® backs all products with an industry exclusive total system one (1) year warranty that includes:

  • Parts and all major components of your new furnace
  • On-site labor
  • Technical assistance
  • Environmental Consulting
  • …All at no additional charge

This warranty is backed by the highest possible level of product quality control and the best service in the industry. Your Thermtronix® warranty starts the day your furnace is commissioned and placed in operation by one of our field service technicians or six (6) months from date of shipment—whichever occurs first.


Our Reputation, Our Guarantee

We firmly believe that a manufacturer’s warranty is a statement which best reflects the true level of confidence they hold for their own products. Thermtronix® enjoys one of the highest levels of repeat sales in the metal casting industry.

Thermtronix® does not, and never has used prorated warranties or excluded major non-expendable components from warranty coverage. We encourage you to examine competitive warranty statements carefully. We feel they are a very good indicator regarding overall quality and the level of “after the sale” service and support you can expect. Thermtronix® has on-staff service technicians that are available to take your phone calls and assist with any service issue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year—any time you need us.

Thermtronix Gas Fired Aluminum Melting Furnace

Take Heed and Be Cautious

Thermtronix Low Pressure Atmosphere Aluminum Melting Furnace

Most reputable furnace manufacturers provide a warranty, however, some may be as short as ninety days and most often do not include on-site labor and technical assistance. Also, buyers should pay special attention to the starting date. If not, one may find that the warranty has nearly expired by the time the furnace is placed into operation.

Furthermore, beware of low end manufacturers who:

  • Prorate component life—similar to that of an automobile tire; a product designed to wear out
  • Exclude major components
  • Offer an extended warranty on only one or two components of the entire furnace
  • Offer only third party warranties
  • Have an unnecessarily lengthy or complicated warranty statement